Yoga Classes

At Ángel Ganivet, 12, Huéscar, Granada

Alison Caldwell, yoga teacher for Viniyoga International, and yoga teachers´trainer, offers weekly yoga classes, in Huéscar.

We practise dinamic and static postures, breathwork and relaxation techniques, developing deep peace. 

Viniyoga adapts the Person to yoga, improving health and wellbeing.


Attending regular classes we can easily: 

  • relax and enjoy the present moment
  • release muscular tensions
  • sleep better
  • revitalise and recuperate from daily stress
  • better understand our emotions
  • improve concentration
  • breathe more deeply
  • improve posture
  • become stronger and more supple
  • meet new friends
  • celebrate Life!

Alison says……………

Nowadays, we tend to live in our mind and forget our body.

We sit on the sofa, in the car and in the office and rarely walk far…

When we have to take important decisions, we need to see clearly and connect with our innermost wisdom.

Yoga is so useful to help us to slow down and enjoy inner peace, so essential for everyday happiness!


June 1982 – Hispanic Languages Degree, University of Glasgow, Scotland

July 1998 – Yoga Instructor

July 2000 – ETY Viniyoga Teacher

June 2004 – Diploma in chiropractice and Thai massage

Sept 2006 – National Association of Yoga Teachers Delegate for Andalusia (AEPY)

Oct 2008 – ETY Viniyoga Teachers Trainer

May 2015 – Master in Secondary Education, VIU Univesity, Valencia, Spain

Feb 2016 – Postgrad Degree in Dance Therapy, Insitute of IASE, Valencia

Nov 2017 –  Profesional European Certificate in Yoga Instruction, (AFDA0311), Junta de Andalucía, Spain